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Integrate: Let our XBRL data power your applications.

Designed for: Financial application developers or financial services providers.

What problem does this solve?
The pain:

Raw XBRL data is so complex, so heavy, so hard to consume and so hard to scale.

The complaint:

"Each time I need XBRL data, I have to load XBRL documents, parse them and extract data I need. It is slow. It creates a lot of network traffic. It consumes a lot of memory and disk space."

"I want to get data out of XBRL documents from all companies in an industry. But it is just not practical to deal with so many XBRL documents within seconds or minutes."

How to solve the problem?

No XBRL processor is required. Powerful machine with lots of storage is not necessary.

All XBRL filings have been processed and stored in a single database on the cloud. You can access our XBRL data in a number of ways:

  • Indirect access: Your application can use our API to access our data.
  • Direct access: Your application can access to our database directly through ODBC.

What applications do we support?

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Microsoft Access

What data do we capture and make available? - almost everything you need.

  • Information related to each filing and the company.
  • Facts (including context)
  • Concepts (or elements, including taxonomy family and version, data type, period type, ect.)
  • Labels (all types of labels related to a concept and fact)
  • Footnotes (footnotes related to facts)
  • Documentation (Documentation related to standard concepts)
  • Dimensions (Dimensional data)
  • Link roles (i. e. Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc.)
  • Presentation (Defined relationship to construct presentation of link roles)
  • Calculation (Defined calculation relationship between elements under link roles)
  • Definition (Mostly dimensional relationship to construct multi-dimensional presentation under link roles)
  • Performance enhancement data: data for fast query, for Web and mobile display, etc.
  • Non-XBRL data: additional data for querying and grouping results
How to get started?

Please contact us: sales [at]

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