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Download: Assemble XBRL data into a single file.

Designed for: Financial analysts.

What problem does this solve?
The pain:

So much time is spent in going through documents to collect data while the time should be better spent in analyzing the data.

The complaint:

"I wish collecting data is like shopping at Amazon. I put things into my shopping cart, I get everything in a single package."

"I have paid for this professional tool, but there are still a lot of data not available even though such data are in the original financial statements."

How to solve the problem?

All XBRL filings have been processed and stored in a single database on the cloud. You can assemble XBRL data in a number of ways:

  • Download statements from multiple periods for a single company as a single file.
  • Download statements from multiple companies as a single file.
  • Download a single line across companies or industries as a single file.
  • Download search results as a single file.
How to get started?
Coming soon.

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